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Terry Rice is available for keynotes, workshops, fireside chats, emceeing, and moderating panels.

As the Digital Marketing Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur magazine and New York University Adjunct Instructor, Terry Rice is a recognized authority on scaling businesses in the Digital Economy for both brands and individuals. Terry’s talks are funny, engaging, motivating and include real stories from brands he’s worked with as well as his own experience. His goal is to provide both inspiration and concrete next steps that audience members can take. Organizers and attendees repeatedly say he’s the most engaging and genuine presenter they’ve seen on stage. He will also stay to talk individually with attendees that want to connect in a more 1:1 setting. 


Terry has spoken at leading industry events including South by Southwest and Social Media Week. He’s also shared his entertaining and genuine tone on media outlets including Good Morning America. As a panel moderator, he’s worked with several organizations including General Assembly and Amazon. 

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Terry Rice is the consummate educator and one of Social Media Week’s most popular speakers. His talks deliver the perfect combination of inspiration, tactical and practical know-how and insight driven strategy, which our attendees have a huge appetite for and love. In addition he is incredibly engaging and spends a ton of time after his sessions speaking with attendees and answering their numerous follow up questions. We cannot wait to have him speak again at future SMW conferences.

Toby Daniels / Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week.

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Terry knows how to deliver information in a clear and concise manner that makes it easy for anyone in the audience to digest. In person, Terry dominates a stage but his sense of humor humanizes him, making him very easy for others to connect with both on and off stage. Virtually, Terry knows how to retain your attention by delivering content in a way that keeps you connected and engaged with him and the online audience.

Whether Terry is on stage or on camera, he shares data, case studies, experiences, and resources that anyone in the audience can easily relate to or envision themselves implementing.

Roxana Colorado / International Business Strategist, Kandula International, LLC

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Terry is outstanding on stage mixing humour with smart and actionable insights that left the crowd intimately engaged with his presentation. For example, he stressed the need to be data-informed as opposed to data-driven. As Terry put it, “Data tells you who bought something, but not the story behind their purchase.” I ended up including Terry's intelligent ideas in a blog post I wrote on behalf of my company.

Alex Bocher / Online Communications Manager, Ketchum PR


Examples of Terry’s Speech Topics

Why We Buy: How Storytelling Drives the Purchase Process


Data can tell you who is buying your product or service, but it usually can’t tell you why they choose to do so. If you can’t understand why someone makes a purchase, it’s difficult to encourage others to take the same action.

Leveraging best practices from Design Thinking, you’ll learn how to understand why people choose to buy from your brand – or a similar brand – and how to tell stories that will engage other prospects to do the same. 

Hustle Smarter: Tactics and Routines to Scale Your Business


The “Hustle Harder” culture is fundamentally broken. Continuously working long hours and chasing the next opportunity will eventually lead to burnout, not success. Although all progress involves work, there are tactics and routines that can produce repeatable outcomes without sacrificing your health, personal relationships, or other areas of focus. 

During this talk, you’ll discover business and mindset skills aligned with a successful life, both professional and personal. 

How to Monetize Your Knowledge: Generate Revenue Through Consulting, Speaking and other Income Streams


As we shift from a “doing” economy to a “being” economy, many professionals have an opportunity to monetize their knowledge through various income streams. However, it’s easy to fall into the consulting trap -- constantly chasing clients and working long hours while neglecting your outside interests. 

This session covers how to attract and provide value to clients who will see you as a business partner as opposed to a vendor. You’ll also discover how to amplify your reach - and revenue - by providing insight through other channels including Paid Speaking gigs, eBooks and on-demand courses. Discover how you can design a business around your life, as opposed to designing your life around your business.

A Solution for Selling to Modern Consumers


People know they’re being advertised to, and they don’t like it. In the wake of Cambridge Analytica and other trust-related issues, modern consumers are much more jaded than they were just a few years ago. This chat was developed to guide brands and entrepreneurs in connecting with a more informed and leary audience.

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I met Terry during the Social Media Week conference in NYC. Out of all the speakers that week he was one of my favorites. His witty comments and useful information kept me interested in learning more. He was also nice enough to stay after the talk and speak to the attendees. Hoping to catch him on stage again soon!

Melissa N. Ocampo / Social Media Marketing & Communications Professional