Pitching & Proposals for Consultants and Freelancers (Free Webinar)


I know what it’s like. You're the boss, so you can make your own rules, including who you work with and how much you get paid. The problem is, sometimes you have no clue how to present yourself, and the value you offer. 

After all that, you still need to put together a proposal that doesn't look like you Googled "how to write a good proposal" the night before.

Wrestling with these issues is both time consuming and unnerving. That's why you need a well developed and measurable system in place. Stop saying "It's negotiable" when asked for your rate and avoid taking on retainer projects with a scope that grows every week. 

Understanding how to consistently and confidently present your service and pricing is the key to attracting the right clients who understand the value you provide. 

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Tips on pitching your service in a competitive environment

  • Best practices for creating proposals that don't take forever and/or include doing work for free


Key Takeaways:

  • Establish a repeatable process to communicate the value of the work you create

  • Apps and Tools that help you stand out from the competition while increasing your efficiency

  • Process and communication tips that establish you as a business partner, not just a vendor


Sound good? Join me for a free webinar. Please note, this has been postponed as I’m on paternity leave a bit earlier than planned. I expect to lead this the first week of November, and will provide an update as soon as possible. All registered attendees will receive a copy of the deck, additional resources, and recording of the session. 

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