1:1 Digital Marketing Coaching


Companies and organizations I've worked with:


You’re not getting enough engagement and your ads aren’t converting.

You’re completely blowing your marketing budget, but you just cannot stand to watch another convoluted YouTube tutorial on how to make digital marketing work for you.


You need someone to analyze your marketing and figure out how to make it truly get RESULTS for your business. And then explain it, without the jargon, in plain English.


I’m a Certified Facebook Advertising professional and former Facebook employee. I’ve trained thousands of people, from independent business owners to Fortune 500 companies, to help them understand and take control of their digital marketing so they can launch profitable campaigns.

After our work together:

  • You’ll understand which aspects of your Facebook and Instagram marketing are working, which ones aren’t, and why.

  • You’ll know which goals mean results and profit for your business, and which ones are useless vanity metrics.

  • You’ll be able to maximize your time and budget, spending only on the things that are most effective.

  • You’ll have a partner and advisor (Hey, that’s me!) to talk you through it and answer all of your questions.


Terry has a knack for pulling valuable information out of data, and delivering recommendations in a way that actually makes sense to people who don’t crunch numbers all day. He helped improve our Facebook and Instagram campaign efficiency by identifying advanced targeting opportunities and refining our Content Strategy.

Lindsay Freeman / Head of Digital, ALOHA



If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • Do I need to change my audience or my creative to get more clicks?

  • How much should I budget for this campaign, and how long should it run for?

  • What the heck is this new feature? Do I even need this?

  • Why are people clicking my ads, but not converting?

  • This campaign looks great - why isn’t it getting results?

… This is for you. Book your discovery call now!


A Complete Strategy

From pixel implementation to audiences, content planning, business manager setup, analytics, optimization and budgeting, I can help with the entire campaign strategy.

Hands-on training.

This isn’t a conference where you leave inspired without knowing what to do next. I’ll guide you through each step of the process, and you can ask questions in real-time.

Detailed Documentation

I’ll help you put processes in place that you can reference later or pass on to your team, so you can continue getting great results even after our work together is done.


Data Analysis

I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and digging into data. I can help you uncover insights from your data, and recommend actions based on your campaign goals.

Optimization Audits

I can completely audit your campaigns on a one-time, quarterly, or monthly basis to help you find opportunities for tweaks and improvements.

Meet Remotely from Anywhere

Whether you’re managing your business from an office in New York or a beach in Ibiza, we can connect remotely and in real-time.


During your session, we can discuss:

  • Ads setup and optimal configuration

  • Facebook advertising and content strategy

  • Optimizing your existing campaigns

  • Facebook Insights and measuring success

How this process works:

  • Sessions are up to 90 minutes long

  • We’ll meet via Google Chat or Zoom

  • Mutual screen sharing, so we can work through it together

  • Calls can be recorded for later reference


Ready to start seeing results from your campaigns?


Terry has been instrumental in improving Jerry Media's performance marketing. Terry's ability to offer clear, objective based solutions have been able to scale across multiple clients. He's helped increase accountability and measurement for our Influencer Marketing campaigns and continues to offer support on an ongoing basis. Terry is one of the most up-to-date marketers that I know in a field which constantly changes. We consider him an extension of our team!

Jonathan Horowitz / VP, Director of Operations, Jerry Media