Facebook and Instagram Marketing Demystified


Your guide to creating engaging and profitable ad campaigns.


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You’ve read all the blogs and how-to guides. But you're still struggling to reach your audience and your ads aren't converting. With each campaign that flops, you're wasting more and more of your budget and not seeing any results.

You want to be able to confidently create, manage, and optimize Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns that convert.


Facebook and Instagram Demystified, taught by former Facebook employee Terry Rice, is your guide to creating engaging and profitable campaigns.

Learn to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that convert.

After you learn to create effective Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns:

  • You’ll know how to leverage all of the available targeting options to reach more of your people.

  • You'll know the difference between Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, and when each is useful.

  • You’ll understand how the Facebook pixel works, and how to use it to track the customer journey on your website.

  • You'll be able to accurately measure and optimize your campaign results, and spend your budget more efficiently.

  • You'll discover additional opportunities for improvement through experimentation and A/B testing.


Facebook and Instagram Marketing Demystified will leave you with:


A detailed walkthrough of the Facebook and Instagram ads platform using terms you can understand.

A method for campaign planning and budgeting, which can leveraged for various Digital Marketing channels

A guide to defining your audience - Customer Personas and Empathy Maps - and tips for how this can be used for targeting and Content Marketing

Tactic level advice - with examples - for how you can get your audience to stop scrolling, and start engaging


Through 25 video lessons, I'll teach you my step-by-step campaign creation process:


Objectives and Audience Targeting


Ads and Creative


Reporting and Optimization


Building Your Campaign

After you enroll, you’ll have instant access to all of the course materials immediately, so you can work through the process at your own pace.


Enroll now and start creating effective, engaging ad campaigns that convert!


Hi, I'm Terry Rice.

I’ve been in the Digital Marketing field since 2007 – most notably, helping emerging and enterprise level clients achieve their marketing goals while working at Adobe and Facebook.

I’ve also worked with numerous startups as an advisor with organizations including Techstars and the New York University Entrepreneurial Institute. Additionally, I lead workshops for consultants, freelancers and other business professionals at General Assembly.

I hold an MBA from the University at Buffalo with a dual concentration in Marketing and Business Consulting. My areas of focus include Social Media, Campaign Planning & Optimization and Strategic Business Coaching. I'm also a Facebook Certified Advertising Professional.