One Simple Facebook Campaign Optimization Technique You May Not be Using

Facebook campaign optimization is an ongoing process, and you’re never done. But there may be a quick win you’re not aware of.

Targeting Mobile users only when they’re on Wi-Fi.

I’ve done this with several of my clients and seen Conversion Rates increase by up to 25%. Here’s why:

  • People on Wi-Fi are more likely to be stationary. Someone laying on their couch is much more likely to convert than someone killing time while standing in line at Whole Foods.

  • Your videos will load faster. We all know how important video is for Social, let’s make sure people can view it without any lag.

  • Downloading apps on a Mobile network can take a LONG time. Increase your click to conversion rate by targeting people on Wi-Fi. They’ll also have a better experience when they first open it.

  • If you have a slow Mobile site, it’s going to be even slower on a Mobile network. This is an issue you’ll need to address, but at least you’ll be able to provide a faster experience on Wi-Fi.

Here's how you do it:

You need to opt in to this targeting at the ‘Placements’ setting within your Ad Set.

First, select ‘Edit Placements’


Next, scroll down and select the ‘Only when connected to Wi-Fi’ option.

Wow, that was easy. You’re good to go from here.

 Since we’re limiting the size of our audience, we should expect our Cost per Impression (CPM) to increase. However, if were getting more efficiency from these impressions, we can easily get a lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

Here’s a scenario that provides more context.


Notice, Ad Set B had a higher CPM. However, the Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CVR) was also higher. As a result, this Ad Set got more conversions, at a lower price.

There ya go, try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes.