Digital Marketing Campaign Audits


Companies and organizations I've worked with:


You know your Digital Marketing campaigns aren't pulling their weight, but you're not sure where the problem is.



Maybe your Cost Per Acquisition is too high. Should you change the ads, or the audience?

Maybe the thought of setting up Pivot Tables in Excel makes you want to pivot right back to bed.

Maybe you're working with an agency, but you’d like to get a second set of eyes on their work.


In Digital Marketing, there's a vast amount of data available to you. But that data isn’t going to analyze itself or tell you what to do next. 

That’s where I come in. I uncover insights from your data, and help you create an action plan to meet your campaign goals.


Terry has a knack for pulling valuable information out of data, and delivering recommendations in a way that actually makes sense to people who don’t crunch numbers all day. He helped improve our Facebook and Instagram campaign efficiency by identifying advanced targeting opportunities and refining our Content Strategy.

Lindsay Freeman / Head of Digital, ALOHA


My experience makes the difference.

As the Client Solutions Manager for Facebook, I partnered with emerging and enterprise level organizations to help them monetize their use of Facebook and Instagram ads.

As an account manager for Adobe, my focus was on Search Marketing. I know what it’s like when you’re juggling multiple projects and your main aspiration is just to be able to eat lunch away from your desk someday.

That’s why my recommendations are always extremely specific and organized by overall business impact. I don't believe in wasting your time.

There may be 10 things you should do to optimize your account. I’ll provide details on all of them, but I’ll emphasize the 3 you need to focus on this week.


Data is a proxy for people.

If your click-through-rate is very high, but your conversion rate is very low, there may be a problem with your website UX. At this point, it’s not a campaign issue, but I’ll use my overall Digital Marketing experience to point you in the right direction.

Staying current on platform updates is my job.

Digital Marketing platforms are constantly changing. The majority of these changes are beneficial, so long as you understand how to use them. But you may be so busy working in your business that you miss some of these a critical product updates.

Wait, where did that button come from?

I keep up on industry-related updates. It’s often hard to discover the signal through the noise, so I’ll help you discern which updates are important to you and your business, and figure out how to use new features to your best advantage.

The process

We’ll start by reviewing your account, and data tracking implementation. Once we outline your goals and Key Performance Indicators, I go to work. I’ll then follow up with a detailed audit and solutions-based recommendations. If needed, I can provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to implement these optimizations. We’ll then connect so I can answer any questions. Audits are available on a monthly, quarterly or one-off basis.

The outcome

Your audit can include one or multiple marketing channels. Check out a sample here. 

Ready to get started?


Terry has been instrumental in improving Jerry Media's performance marketing. Terry's ability to offer clear, objective based solutions have been able to scale across multiple clients. He's helped increase accountability and measurement for our Influencer Marketing campaigns and continues to offer support on an ongoing basis. Terry is one of the most up-to-date marketers that I know in a field which constantly changes. We consider him an extension of our team!

Jonathan Horowitz / VP, Director of Operations, Jerry Media