The Consultant Accelerator


Grow your business and monetize your knowledge through consulting, speaking gigs, workshops, eBooks and online courses.


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Starting a business for yourself can be lonely. You’re cold-calling prospects, saying “Yes!” to every client you can get your hands on, and working yourself to the bone every week without a real plan.

Your friends and family support your business, but they also don’t want to hear about it every time they see you. You don’t have anyone to tell you if you’re doing this whole thing right, if you’re charging enough money (hint: probably not) or to go to for advice and support when things get tough.


The Consultant Accelerator is a three-month partnership where I’ll teach you how to generate consistent revenue as a consultant while living the life that you really want.

No more eating dinner at your desk or missing out on time with your family while you work through the weekend. I’ll help you build a profitable business that works for your life, rather than squeezing in life around your business.

Learn to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that convert.

I’ve been consulting in one form or another since 2009, including roles at Adobe and Facebook. That’s how I honed my problem solving and relationship management skills.

In 2015, I started my own consulting firm. If I could do it for Adobe and Facebook, I figured I could do it for myself, too. But when I worked for someone else I was being spoon-fed amazing opportunities, so I never considered how hard it would be to get clients on my own!

I had a strong business background, but I wasn’t actually prepared to run a business. 

Initially, I made a lot of mistakes. 

  • I didn’t have a real plan, other than to make money

  • I did cold calling without offering any value in exchange for my audience’s attention

  • I said “Yes!” to every prospect who approached me and I didn’t charge them enough

  • I worked way too many hours and neglected my health and outside interests

  • I didn’t have a mentor to pass along guidance, support and challenge me to be accountable for my actions

In short, I made things way harder than they had to be.


These days, things are much different.


I work about 35 hours a week. I don’t do cold calls, but I’m frequently contacted by high-value clients that I genuinely like and can help. The best part, I do all this while still picking up and dropping off my kids at school every day.


Imagine what your business (and life) could be like if…

  • You never have to cold-call or chase after a lead to get them on the phone

  • You don’t have to “fake it till you make it”

  • You know exactly what your services are worth

  • You’re not afraid to ask for that money

  • You get to work only the hours you want to work

  • You only do work that makes you proud

  • You work only with clients who respect you

It’s all possible when you put a strategy in place that makes your business income more predictable and your work life more enjoyable.


Here’s what you’ll get when you join me for the Consultant Accelerator:

90-minute Scoping + Roadmapping Session

Instead of designing your life around your business, we'll figure out how to design your business around your life by discussing your professional and personal goals, what kind of schedule you want, how much money you want to make, and what's important to you outside of your business.

The result will be a 90-day roadmap, and I’ll provide you with a daily journal to help you to keep track of your progress.

Weekly Check-Ins

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) found that you have a 65% chance of accomplishing a goal if you commit to someone else. If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to, your chances increase to up to 95%.

Every week we'll meet one-on-one and review your progress, solve for roadblocks and discuss the week ahead.

Ongoing Email Support

Some things can’t wait until a weekly call. I’m available during the week via email, and you’ll get a response within a few hours. I often send video responses, and you may find it easier to send videos or voice notes. Whatever works for you.

My Network is Your Network

Do I know somebody you’d like to connect with? It could be a potential client, business partner or event organizer. You name it. Since I only work with people I trust, I’m happy to help you make a connection.


After the Consultant Accelerator, you’ll have these tangible takeaways:


A detailed audience persona and empathy map, so you can tailor your services and communications to them.

Content for your about page and bio that expresses who you are, why you do what you do, and why you’re the go-to consultant in your niche.

Pricing and positioning for your services. I’ll help you through competitive research and the math that gets you to that magic income number.

A lead magnet that provides value to your people in exchange for their email address, so you can gain new leads while you sleep.

Proposal templates that address all the critical aspects of any arrangement, so you can get them out quickly and close on those new clients.

Guidance on your must-have website content, including how to get testimonials and develop content that attracts and retains your target audience.

Advanced Digital Marketing tactics. This is my jam! We can go as deep as you like, but I’ll make sure you have the fundamentals covered. 

Tools and tips for online consulting and workshops, so you can expand your audience, book clients, and save time, no commute necessary.

Advice and encouragement on pursuing professional and personal development. I’ll help you find the right tools to continue refining your craft and yourself.


The Consultant Accelerator is for people who want to monetize their knowledge through:

  • Consulting

  • Freelance work

  • Workshops

  • Paid speaking appearances

  • eBooks and online courses

What's expected of you:

  • A true desire to help your audience

  • A growth mindset. We’re going to break down some barriers and expand what you believe you’re capable of

  • Open communication! You’re never bothering me, and I expect you to keep me in the loop on how things are going

  • A commitment to becoming “better” every day


What it’s like to work with me

I’m here to help you push your boundaries and expand what you think you’re even capable of. I’ll help you focus on impact by detailing the critical tasks and resources needed to scale your business. Through my network, I have access to incredibly successful entrepreneurs. One of my mentors makes $50k per day! As I continue to learn and evolve, I’ll pass along the guidance they share. 

I understand time constraints. I have kids, a wife and my health always comes first. I’m also pretty good at discerning between reasons and excuses. If I see that you’re slacking, I’m going to be blunt about it, because I want to maximize our time and your potential.  

My goal is to help you live a “successful” life on your own terms. That means not sacrificing time away from your friends, family or other interests. It also means that you only do work that you’re proud of, and work with partners who respect you. 


The Consultant Accelerator is designed for individuals who are fully committed to helping clients, and believe they are capable of generating more revenue if provided with the right guidance and accountability

Sound good? Then let’s take the next step.

Option 1:

Weekly 1 hour mentoring sessions

Ongoing email support + content review

Cost: $5,000 for 90 day program

Option 2:

Bi-Weekly 1 hour mentoring sessions

Ongoing email support + content review

Cost: $2,700 for 90 day program

Option 3:

Bi-weekly 1 hour mentoring sessions

Cost: $1,800 for 90 day program

Option 4:

90-minute Scoping + Roadmapping Session

Cost: $1,000

Over the course of three months, I’ll teach you how to monetize your knowledge through consulting, speaking gigs, eBooks and additional revenue streams. I’ll be your advisor and business partner, giving you structure, a person to bounce ideas off of, and I’ll keep you accountable.